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MAILSolved v3.1 released

Written 07.08.2015 from Klement

The latest release of MAILSolved has the fallowing changes:
  • Define your own place holder like {COMPANY}, {ADDRESS}, etc.
  • Filter subscriber with wildcards after initial letter
  • Sort subscriber after last name, first name and registry date
  • Different statistics for unique and overall clicks
  • Opening time and eMail address will be saved for the statistics
  • Better user interface for newsletter settings (replaced radio buttons by checkboxes)
  • Define eMail format for notifications
  • You can add a "Reply to" address for the sender address
  • Time zone will be saved to config.php for PHP version higher than 5.2
  • Updated to CKEditor version 4.5.1 and added text color plugin
  • Second menu bar in the header for (Newsletter-Output, Licence management and Logout)
  • Bugfix: PHP notice on resume
  • Bugfix: Length of database field for IPv6
  • Bugfix: Mailjobs are also running with HTTPS
  • Bugfix: Ajax-Newsletter-Form is now also reacting to the key event "Enter"
  • Bugfix: Campaign links are now encoded for servers that were throwing 403 errors