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MAILSolved v3.3.7 released

Written 16.01.2021 from Klement

Here are the changes for the latest release:

  • After successful registration to the newsletter, the filled fields are deleted again
  • .
  • When clicking on the activation link, the registration form is no longer displayed
  • .
  • By default, first name and last name (if activated) are mandatory fields
  • .
  • Notices of incorrect entries in the newsletter form are displayed at the same time, rather than just one message
  • Archive link to open a newsletter no longer in popup
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MAILSolved v3.3.6 released

Written 26.10.2020 from Klement

Here are the changes for the latest release:

  • The registration form can now be integrated several times in different languages

Savings Plan Calculator - New online tool released

Written 18.09.2020 from Klement

The goal was to develop an easy to use savings plan calculator, where you can directly observe the changing results live while you adjust the inputs.

This calculator is directly available online at

MAILSolved v3.3.5 released

Written 24.05.2018 from Klement

Here are the changes for the latest release:

  • GDPR: A declaration of consent can be configured in the admin area and optionally displayed in the registration form
  • Database export can be downloaded directly without temporary cache
  • Minor design adjustments to the registration form

MAILSolved v3.3.4 released

Written 07.04.2018 from Klement

Because of the new EU-GDPR there's a new update for MAILSolved:
  • Some updates for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
    • Time of the subscription will be saved
    • Date and time will be saved after Opt-In
    • IP address will be saved after Opt-In
  • No output for Test-Newsletter in the archive
  • You can ignore SSL certificate checks for local email tests

MAILSolved online documentation

Written 01.05.2017 from Klement

When MAILSolved was released in 2003 some people didn't have an internet flatrate. That's why I wanted to put all the necessary info into the ReadMe file for offline reading ;). Times have changed so I transferred the documentation and changelog to our website with just basic information in the ReadMe file.

This is also good if you like to get an idea of the installation before downloading the script. You can find the documentation here.

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