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MAILSolved v3.3.3 released

Written 04.02.2017 from Klement

New version has been released with these changes:

  • Compatible with MySQL v5.7
  • Added "placeholder" attribute to the Ajax newsletter form template
  • Bugfix: Groups will be saved correctly after saving a Newsletter template
  • Bugfix: While editing user groups the labels will be shown instead of internal names
  • Bugfix: Sort subscriber ascending and descending

MAILSolved v3.3.2 released

Written 07.01.2017 from Klement

Here are the changes for the latest release:

  • Bugfix: There was a critical security issue in the PHPMailer library ( The package has been upgraded to v5.2.21.
  • Bugfix: Timezone warning during the installation process
  • Removed routine to deinstall script within the admin center
  • Added logo image in higher resolution for retina displays

MAILSolved v3.3.1 released

Written 01.07.2016 from Klement

Here are the changes for the latest release:

  • Bugfix: Dispatching mails is working again on servers where the progress bar stopped by 0/0

MAILSolved v3.3 released

Written 04.04.2016 from Klement

Here are the changes for the latest release:
  • Different CSS classes for success/error in the ajax form for subscription
  • Included the most recent PHPMailer library
  • You can add company name and customer number to your subscribers (also possible with the CSV import)
  • Bugfix: Your subscriber can edit multiple groups again
  • Bugfix: If English was die default language in the installation, the default settings were not created

New Nagios plugin to check for failed Veeam backups

Written 08.03.2016 from Klement

A PowerShell script that checks for failed Veeam backups and can be called by Nagios/Icinga with NRPE. Download and informations on GitHub.

New Nagios plugin to check Barracuda VPN tunnel

Written 09.02.2016 from Klement

This Python Nagios/Icinga plugin checks the vpn tunnel state of Barracuda firewalls. If the vpn tunnel has the state down or disabled you'll be informed. Download and informations on GitHub.

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