The license conditions and how to purchase a license are illustrated below.


There are no monthly costs. You'll get the license with just a single paypment.


9 € with Copyright

29 € without Copyright

All prices are final prices. Due to the small business status according to § 19 UStG we do not charge VAT and therefore do not show it.

Sales discount: 2 licences - 5% / 3 licences - 10% / 4 licences - 15%

Updates: The updates are for free

Payment: SEPA Bank transfer or PayPal

Purchase a licence

Before purchasing, please test out if all functions run properly in your environment.


License conditions

  • You are not allowed to remove or change the copyright nor making the it invisible. You are allowed to remove the copyright with a corresponding license, but not allowed to add your own copyright to the script.
  • You may not copy the source code or parts of them for using it for scripts other than the provided USOLVED script.
  • USOLVED is not responsible for the site's content on which the scripts are used. It is also forbidden to use our newsletter script MAILSolved to send spam e-mails.
  • The author / developer assumes no liability or guarantee for the offered scripts.
  • If you are using MAILSolved newsletter you have to inform your subscriber about the usage of the data in a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Die Scripte dürfen nur privat kostenlos eingesetzt werden solange das Copyright zu sehen ist. Gemeinnützigen Vereinen ist ebenfalls eine kostenlose Nutzung mit den gleichen Einschränkungen wie für Privatpersonen gestattet.
  • The scripts can be used for free for private purposes, as long as the copyright is visible. The same applies for nonprofit association. You need to purchase a license if you would like to use a script on commercial sites and are authorized to remove the copyright with a corresponding license. This applies for companies and profit-making individual persons.
  • A license is just per domain respectively a website when multiple domains are forwarding to the same website.
  • The scripts may not be published on any other sites for download.
  • It's not allowed to use our scripts on pornograpfic, violently, rightist extremist and in general on sites with illegal content.
  • We reserve the right to deny a licence purchase without giving reasons.
  • With downloading a script you agree to the license conditions.