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MAILSolved v3.1 released

Written 07.08.2015 from Klement

The latest release of MAILSolved has the fallowing changes:
  • Define your own place holder like {COMPANY}, {ADDRESS}, etc.
  • Filter subscriber with wildcards after initial letter
  • Sort subscriber after last name, first name and registry date
  • Different statistics for unique and overall clicks
  • Opening time and eMail address will be saved for the statistics
  • Better user interface for newsletter settings (replaced radio buttons by checkboxes)
  • Define eMail format for notifications
  • You can add a "Reply to" address for the sender address
  • Time zone will be saved to config.php for PHP version higher than 5.2
  • Updated to CKEditor version 4.5.1 and added text color plugin
  • Second menu bar in the header for (Newsletter-Output, Licence management and Logout)
  • Bugfix: PHP notice on resume
  • Bugfix: Length of database field for IPv6
  • Bugfix: Mailjobs are also running with HTTPS
  • Bugfix: Ajax-Newsletter-Form is now also reacting to the key event "Enter"
  • Bugfix: Campaign links are now encoded for servers that were throwing 403 errors

New Nagios plugin for checking Barracuda temperature

Written 02.08.2015 from Klement

This Python Nagios/Icinga plugin checks the temperature and fan state of Barracuda firewalls. If the temperature is higher than the given treshold you'll be informed. You'll also get noticed if a fan isn't working anymore with the integrated hardware check.

Download and informations on GitHub.

New Nagios plugin for checking vSphere alarms

Written 01.08.2015 from Klement

This Perl Nagios/Icinga plugin retrieves all alarms from VMWare vSphere. You can filter the alarms with various options for ex- and including items. If you're already using alarm rules in vSphere this plugin may help you to have your monitoring in one place instead of two.

BOOKSolved v1.3.1 released

Written 08.07.2015 from Klement

BOOKSolved has been updated with the fallowing bugfixes:
    * The chart for new guestbook entries is loading again with older PHP versions * Captcha will be accepted again after changing the session name in securimage * IPv6 addresses won't be cutted on database inserts

BOOKSolved v1.3 released

Written 04.05.2015 from Klement

BOOKSolved has been updated with the fallowing changes:
    + New layout for admin center + Replaced old captcha with Securimage + Chart for new guestbook entries + Better interface in the settings menu + Unlock the copyright just by adding your licence + Changed text format to UTF-8 * Fixed PHP warnings when using very restrictive PHP settings

MAILSolved v3.0.1 released

Written 27.04.2015 from Klement

The 3.0.1 release of MAILSolved has some small bugfixes.
    * Bugfix: Login is working again with PHP version < 5.4 and register_globals turned on * Bugfix: Asynchronous loading of the archive is working now with Firefox * Bugfix: Automatic detection if there's a HTML or Text eMail in the archive and then fixes the line breaks * Bugfix: Drafts without a date (because of upgrading from an older version) will show the date column
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